The Signature Closers Team

Meet the Signature Closers team here to assist our loyal title companies and the qualified notary signing agents dedicated to completing real estate transactions.

Our team has completed the Notary2Pro training and is able to help with document questions, but we may still need to refer document-specific questions to our title company contacts.

Scheduling Team

Phone: (888) 677-7462

Fred Warfield, Sr. Closing Coordinator (Notary)
Tom Martin, Sr. Closing Coordinator (Notary)
Nichole Robinson, Closing Coordinator
Stacie Cordle, Closing Coordinator
Sally Farber, Closing Coordinator
Danielle Barnes
Felicitee Sinn
Emma Evans
Carissa Studer
Taylor Leeds
Sammie Keitlen
Lorrin Van Evra
Kylie Flickinger
Brandon Swanzer
Brady Nye
Gina Price
Imani Davis

Client Services

Phone: (888) 677-7462

Rachael Needham, Director
Heather Brode, Associate
Danielle Altizer, Associate
Julie Winkel, Associate
Erica Gerhart, Associate

Post-Closing Support

Phone: (888) 677-7462, Option 300

Dyana Orem, Sr. Post-Closing Specialist
Kerry Janda, Sr. Post-Closing Specialist (Notary)
Amanda Oney, Operations Manager (Notary)



Kerry Janda, Director

Sales & Company Inquiries

Mark Fleming, Jr.
Owner and President (Notary)
Phone: (888) 677-7462, Option 4

Technical Support

Chris Schapman
Chief Technology Officer
Phone: (888) 677-7462, Option 5

Customer Concerns

For concerns or complaints about our employees, notary signing agents, or processes, please email our Post-Closing team at We will log the concern and route it to the appropriate person for resolution.

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