Privacy Policy

Signature Closers respects the privacy of your information. Here is how we use your information. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us to discuss. We welcome your feedback.

Collection of Information

Signature Closers, LLC ("SC") collects information on two types of users that access the Signature Closers Network ("SCN"). Those two user types include Title Companies ("TC") and Notary Closers ("NC"). A TC can have one to many TC contacts. Each TC contact has access to the TC's transactions on the SCN. The NC has access to the NC's current and previously closed transactions.

For each TC contact and NC, SC will collect name, email, phone(s), mailing address, business name, shipping accounts (if applicable), group emails (if applicable), and ResWare identifiers. For NC, SC will collect name, email(s), phone(s), mailing address, notary-specific documents, tax information, coverage areas, languages spoken, and brief closing history. In addition to TCs and NCs, signer information provided by TCs will include names and contact information, which may include phone numbers, email addresses, and property locations.

Use of Your Information

SC uses the information it collects for internal business purposes only. NC information will be shared with a TC once the NC has been identified for a transaction. Similarly, the NC will learn of the TC's information when they accept a transaction. TC, TC contact, and NC information is not shared with parties that are not a member of the SCN or associated with a transaction. If SC plans to share your information, then SC will specifically ask for your permission to use the information, identify what information will be shared, and specify how the information will be used.

Review of Your Information

TC, TC contacts, and NC information is available on the SCN. Members of the SCN can access and modify their information 24/7/365. However, SC does reserve the right to take the SCN offline temporarily for maintenance and enhancement purposes. While the SCN is offline, members of the SCN will not have access to their information.

Account Activity

TC and NC can request an account be deactivated. When an account is not active, the user can no longer access the SCN. SC will not actively follow-up with Title Companies regarding their contacts, so any Title Company contacts that need to be taken off an account should be sent to SC by the TC.

Policy Changes

SC reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy (i.e. the information on this page). When the policy is updated, you can find the date the policy was last updated listed at the bottom of this page.

Privacy Policy Last Updated: April 7, 2016